Jules Dehon: About Me

Hi! My name's Jules Dehon, I'm 16 years old and I'm currently in my first year of sixth form at St. Benedict's, studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Economics.

I finished my GCSEs last year, which means I had to drop Graphic Design and Computing, two subjects that I quite enjoyed. I'm telling myself I'll keep working on this website so that I keep on top of those skills and don't let them fade away. So fingers crossed that won't happen.

I'm not quite sure what's going to be on this website, but it'll likely be mostly work I'm doing for school, and any graphic design work I manage to get done. I'm doing an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) on the impact of artificial intelligence in economics, and I'm also doing gold Duke of Edinburgh, so there's a strong chance I'll put some stuff on here related to that.

GCSE Graphic Design Projects

This is a collection of all the pieces of work I created during the GCSE course.

There's a strong chance I'm still in the process of putting all my work up here, as I never really got round to it.

I must say I'm quite proud of all my work, and even managed to land myself an A*. I really enjoyed the time I spent working on the projects so I hope I'm able to keep going with Graphic Design.

Outside of school graphic design work

This is a collection of graphic design work I am doing outside of school, in my free time, mainly at home. I started off strong however I haven't been doing too much of this recently. However since I've stopped GCSE graphic design, I'm hoping to get started again.

My Web Portfolio

This is a collection of websites and web pages that I have created. Some may be very design-oriented and others may be mainly about the mechanics and code that operate the behind-the-scenes bit of the page.

I love to create websites because of the endless possibilities and ways to create very different, but yet fantastic sites.

These are all the website I have designed so far

Flisp | My First Website

This is the first complete website that I ever created, so obviously, it is not the greatest website that I have ever created either.

My dad challenged me to create a "Message decoder" webpage that would take a phrase and turn it into a secret code, and vice versa. Once I had finished, I wanted to continue exploring web design and development and that is how I got into web design.

Thanks dad :)

Atticus Business Consulting

I created this website for one of my mum's friends, as she needed a website for her work as a business consulter. I not only designed the website but also created the logo. It was a great experience, as I had to work with my client so that we could maintain a nice design but also fit all of the content in.