Swift Skiwear

Swift Skiwear Logo Design

This is a school project for my GCSE which involved creating a logo and brand identity for a sports company of your choice (you created the brand, you did not choose an existing one). I chose to create a skiwear brand, and after spending a couple of days choosing a name, I called it “Swift”.

I began by researching existing ski brands and their logos, analysing them and finding features that made them successful. One of my favourite brands was Breckenrige, a ski resort in the United States that had recently undergone a redesign. I noticed that the most common feature was the use of triangular shapes, which obviously represented mountains.

Initial Ideas

The project started with a large number of initial sketches in my sketchbook, where I simply experimented with different shapes and symbols related to skiing.


In order to ensure that the logos remained simple, we then created cut-card simplifications of our favourite logos, so that any unnecessary extra detail was removed. A simpler logo is almost always more successful


Then, I vectorised my favourite logos, and created a few variations of each. These are my favourite variations of each logo.

Final Logo


Finally, I created marketing material using my logo. This consisted of the three posters shown, one of which was heavenly inspired by a poster for 'Breckenridge' which is linked abobe. Once I created the posters, I moved on to actually placing my logo on numerous products that a skiier would be likely to buy.