Logo Redesign

My Logo Redesign

After having this website for a little while, I decided that I wanted to have a real logo instead of just writing my name with a cool font (as seen in the top left of the nav bar on the homepage). So I set myself the task of designing myself a real logo using my initials, 'JD' as building blocks or shapes that would be recognised within the logo so it wouldn't look like a logo copy pasted off google images.

I came up with a few designs, but after 5th one I didn't see a point of carrying on because I knew I had already made my favourite one.


I started off simply, cutting out bits of some letters, joining different parts and organising them in different ways to create different effects. I also experimented with colour, trying out different fore and backgrounds to see which foreground colours would make the logo transferrable and visible onto the most different backgrounds.


I then started experimenting with negative space by cutting one letter out of another and realised that mixing the two letters together created a style that I liked.


I then used the idea of negative space to position the J directly over the D and then edit the shapes to make them look cool. I used the black and red logo for a couple of days but having two colours in one logo made it quite hard to put it in different places and meant it would be harder to change the colours of the logo to suit its surroundings. I also removed the pointy thing coming out on the right as it made the logo look awkward when centered (the center point of the logo didn't look right), so I edited the logo and now it looks perfect!

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