Swift Skiwear

Swift Skiwear Logo Design

This is a school project for my GCSE which involved creating a logo and brand identity for a sports company of your choice (you created the brand, you did not choose an existing one). I chose to create a skiwear brand, and after spending a couple of days choosing a name, I called it “Swift”.

I began by researching existing ski brands and their logos, analysing them and finding features that made them successful. One of my favourite brands was Breckenrige, a ski resort in the United States that had recently undergone a redesign. I noticed that the most common feature was the use of triangular shapes, which obviously represented mountains.

Initial Ideas

The initial ideas stage of the design process consisted of getting my ideas onto paper by picking up my pencil, ruler and a couple of colouring pencils and drawing my ideas in my sketchbook

The GCSE requires me to annotate everything I create - I will not be typing these up as it would take me too long, but there may be certain photographs where you can see my annotations.


In order to ensure that the logos remained simple, we then created cut-card simplifications of our favourite logos, so that any unnecessary extra detail was removed. A simpler logo is almost always more successful

ICT Development

I then took the best of my cut card simplifications and attempted to recreate them in illustrator on the computer. From here, I made slight alterations to each of the logos, in order to make them look as good as I possibly could.

Banner Logo

Circle Logo

Minimal Triangle Logo

Mountain Logo

Tree Logo

Collection of my favourite logos

Final Logo and Marketing

I chose my favourite logo, which was one of the banner logos, as I liked its simplicity, and knew that it would be very transferable onto different media, due to its shape and the fact it only consisted of one colour.

The next part of the project was to create marketing material using my logo. This consisted of the three posters shown, one of which was heavily inspired by a poster for 'Breckendridge' which is linked above. Once I created the posters, I moved on to actually placing my logo on numerous products that a skiier would be likely to buy.

Final Logo

I chose this logo for its simplicity and transferability, due to its shape and the fact it only consists of one colour.


Logo on products